Visa requirements

If required visa applications and payment of associated costs are the student´s responsibility.

Upon receipt of your completed registration form and payment of at least one month´s fees, a registration certificate will be sent to you.

If you need a visa for your study time in Germany an application should be made at the German consulate in your country, together with your registration certificate.

If no visa is granted course fees, minus a handling charge of 50 €, will be refunded.

These will only be refunded on production of a written rejection notice from German authorities together with your registration certificate.

Normally you need the following documents:

  • registration confirmation for a German course with at least 20 units per week
  • budget ( statement of account ) of at least € 599 for a month or
  • declaration of guarantee by a person living in Germany
  • health insurance ( we can help you with that )
  • valid passport
  • 1 passport foto